Volume 18, Issue 2, 2000

5th March, 2010

Medium Effects on the Dissociation Reactions of Adipic Acid in Ethanol-Water Mixtures

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by G. A. El-Naggar, M. El-Batouti, A. A. Zaghloul


DOI: 10.4152/pea.200002071

Role of Thiourea on the Electrochemical Behaviour of Zinc Glycine Complexes

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by S. Shabanna Begum, C. Siva Kumar, S. A. Mayanna, V. S. Muralidharan


DOI: 10.4152/pea.200002089

Use of 1-Phenylamino-3-(4-Phenylthiosemi carbazone)-Butane-I,3-dione Derivatives as Corrosion Inhibitors for C-Steel in Acidic Chloride Solutions

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by A. K. Mohamed, H. A. Mostafa, G. Y. El-Ewady, A. S. Fouda


DOI: 10.4152/pea.200002099

Photochemical Study of Passive Films Formed on Stainless Steels; Influence of the Alloying Elements

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by N. E. Hakiki, A. M. P. Simões, M. G. S. Ferreira, M. da Cunha Belo


DOI: 10.4152/pea.200002113