Volume 27, Issue 5, 2009

2nd November, 2009

Do DNA and Guanine Quench Fluorescence of Conjugated Cationic Polymers by Induced Aggregation?

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by M. L. Davies, P. Douglas, H. D. Burrows, M. Graça Miguel, A. Douglas


DOI: 10.4152/pea.200905525

Optical Properties of [all]-S,S-Dioxide Oligothiophenes

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by M. M. Oliva, S. R. González, J. Casado, J. T. L. Navarrete, J. S. Seixas de Melo, S. Rozen


DOI: 10.4152/pea.200905533

Synergistic Effect of Nizoral and Iodide Ions on the Corrosion Inhibition of Mild Steel in Sulphuric Acid Solution

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by I. B. Obot


DOI: 10.4152/pea.200905539

Stainless Steel Electrodeposited with Zinc is not Good for Storing Thiourea Solution

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by S. Rajendran, V. A. Brigita, J. Manivannan, J. Jeyasundari


DOI: 10.4152/pea.200905555

Synergistic Influence of Gum Arabic and Iodide Ion on the Corrosion Inhibition of Aluminium in Alkaline Medium

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by S. A. Umoren


DOI: 10.4152/pea.200905565

Ethanol Extract of Phyllanthus Amarus as a Green Inhibitor for the Corrosion of Mild Steel in H2SO4

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by N. O. Eddy


DOI: 10.4152/pea.200905579

Adsorption Behaviour of [(4-Hydroxy-6-methyl-2-oxo-2H-pyran-3-yl)-(4-methoxy-phenyl)- methyl]-urea on Stainless Steel in Phosphoric Media

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by J. O. Olusola, A. K. Oluseyi, O. O. Kehinde, A. O. Olayinka, J. M. Oluwatosin


DOI: 10.4152/pea.200905591

New Mechanism Synthesis of 1,4-Benzothiazine and its Inhibition Performance on Mild Steel in Hydrochloric Acid

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by S. Aloui, I. Forsal, M. Sfaira, M. E. Touhami, M. Taleb, M. F. Baba, M. Daoudi


DOI: 10.4152/pea.200905599

Amidopoly Ethylamines as Corrosion Inhibitors for Zinc Dissolution in Different Acidic Electrolytes

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by M. Abdallah, A. Y. El-Etre, M. F. Moustafa


DOI: 10.4152/pea.200905615

Phenyl Phthalimide as Corrosion Inhibitor for Corrosion of C-Steel in Sulphuric Acid Solution

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by I. Zaafarany


DOI: 10.4152/pea.200905631