Volume 5, Issue 2, 1987

5th November, 2022

Influence of the Surface Structure of Metal Electrodes on the Double Layer Parameters and Reaction Kinetics

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by A. Hamelin


DOI: doi: 10.4152/pea.198702077

Membrane Electrodes of Herbicidal and Pharmaceutical Interest

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by F. N. Assubaie, G. J. Moody, R. K. Owusu et al.


DOI: doi:10.4152/pea.198702103

Mechanism of Reduction of Ni(II)-Alcoholamine Complexes on the Dropping Mercury Electrode

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by F. Rey, J.M. Antelo, F. Arce et al.


DOI: doi:10.4152/pea.198702125

Voltammetric Study with a Glassy Carbon Electrode of the Pesticides Fenthion and Fenitrothion

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by J. H. Mendez, R. C. Martinez, F. B. Dominguez et al.


DOI: doi 10.4152/pea.198702135